Dr. David Priess is the author of The President’s Book of Secrets: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America’s Presidents from Kennedy to Obama, for which George H.W. Bush wrote the foreword. Priess is the first author to receive unique input directly from every living former president and vice president as well as from most living former CIA directors, national security advisors, secretaries of state and defense, White House chiefs of staff, and other foreign policy and intelligence leaders.

Dr. Priess worked at the CIA during the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations in award-winning service as an intelligence officer, manager, and daily intelligence briefer. During the George W. Bush adminstration, he took the President’s Daily Brief and other intelligence materials every morning to the FBI Director and Attorney General and, as a substitute, to the National Security Advisor and her deputy.

Now, he is Director of Analytic Services for Analytic Advantage, Inc., offering specialized training, mentoring, and consulting services to government and private sector clients on effective presentation techniques and critical thinking skills. And he remains a sought-after presenter, with multiple appearances on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, and other national media.

After graduating summa cum laude from Illinois Wesleyan in 1993, Priess obtained his PhD in political science from Duke University and has published articles, opinion pieces, and review essays in outlets ranging from Security Studies and Middle East Policy to The Cipher Brief and Foreign Affairs online. He has taught international relations classes at Duke University, the George Washington University, and George Mason University.


A bit more about the book:

The President's Book of Secrets is the inside story of the nation's most sensitive daily intelligence--and the presidents who have received it.

Every day, the intelligence community presents to the president a report detailing sensitive classified reporting and analysis about world events. Its items cover everything from the behavior of America’s allies to the plans of its adversaries, from imminent dangers to long-term strategic opportunities—often based on the words of highly placed human sources or communications intercepts.

This Top Secret report, destined for the eyes of only the president and his closest aides, has informed vital foreign policy decisions for half a century. The story of the President’s Daily Brief—the PDB, in national security jargon—is a window into the character of each president, his administration’s inner workings, and how his worldview and policies were shaped by the world’s best secret intelligence.

Check out his website at www.davidpriess.com and follow him on twitter @davidpriess.  Purchase The President's Book of Secrets through amazon